21 tips for creating a perfect logo

by Alexandre Oliveira

Understand the competition


Keep in mind that following trends can quickly make your logo outdated, so just use them as a reference to create something truly unique.

Ask the right questions


– Why are we here? – What do we do and how do we do it? – What makes us different? – Who are we here for? – What do we value most? – What is our personality?

Maintain flexibility during the logo creation process


Some concepts and strategies that would work well in theory may fail when put into practice.

The logo is just one of the ingredients


People engage with a brand through a huge variety of ways and media and the logo is not always their first contact with a brand.

Choose the font carefully


Some of the world's best-known brands are made up of words, relying entirely on typography to convey their message.

Refine to gain personality


You will have to pay more attention to other aspects of the logo design, such as: icon, color palette and style to develop and highlight your personality.

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